We think that well-trained, experienced and creative staff is the key of success. Nows, our manpower includes:

  • PhD in vessel building
  • MA in vessel building
  • Economic MA
  • Mechanic MA
  • Electric MA
  • Engineer in vessel building
  • Mechanic Engineer
  • Engineer in automation
  • Machine Engineer
  • Electric Engineer
  • Economic Engineer
  • BA in business administration
  • BA in finance and accounting.
  • Technician.
  • VR. BV, VR certificated welder.

Manpower beside are trained basically at home and abroad, also advance-trained by the company, updated knowledge to improve the quality of manpower.

With well-trained manpower, we have enough ability to do all commission in the profession in the best way.

There are departments directly relating to production:

1. Design-technology Department:

The department arrange to carry out and control the technology in building vessels (of the Ministry of Defense and civil)

Making plan of science-technology-environment, deploy the program that apply technical advance, initiative, technical improvement. Take part in building and supervise and speed up regular technical work and wepon and equipment understanding of the shipyard.

Co-ordinate with other department to train and test the workers yearly.

Provide the technical drawing and process and guide workers to do their work according to these documents.

Email: design-tech@haiminhshipyard.com

2. Technical Department

The department arrange to carry out and control repairing vessels (of the Ministry of Defense and civil). They are responsible to survey, trial, take over and delivery and guarantee the products.

Manage the mechanic-electric work and vehicles in the shipyard.

Email: technical@haiminhshipyard.com

3. Purchasing Department

Basing on the schedule of building and repairing product of the shipyard, the department makes the plan to provide materials and equipment.

Supply materials and equipment according to the approved estimation for repairing and building vessels, vehicles, machine… and the material’s order.

Make the material price basing on type, quantity and feature in repairing survey minute, repairing and building estimation, material’s order.

Contact to the supplier to buy or hire the materials, equipment, tools under the production demand.

Purchase material with market price and make profit, help using liquid capital effectively.

Email: material@haiminhshipyard.com

4. Production plan Department

The department is an advising team, responsible for making and deploying the shipyard’s plan; supervise and speed up performing the plan, collect, analyse and evaluate the result of performing the plan. Suggest the way to increase productivity and how to finish other commission.

Collect and analyse production expense for repairing and building vessels, vehicles, equipment. Basing the result of analysis, the department suggests the way to increase productivity.

Contact to partners to solve the issues relating the shipyard’s commission.

Email: contact@haiminhshipyard.com

5. Quality control Department (QC)

QC is responsible for testing and supervising the quality of goods which are fabricated or bought. QC carries out the stage-testing and other commission.

QC carries out the stage-testing and storing the result documents of all the testing for repairing and building vessels and other products which are fabricated by the shipyard or bought.

QC presides at the trial and issue the certification for the vessels.

QC checks the material and equipment before stored, issue the quality report.

Email: kcsx51@haiminhshipyard.com

6. HSE

Basing on the resolutions, regulations, instructions and the shipyard’s condition, the department make and submit plans, program, regulations on safety, hygiene, fire-protection, traffic-safety in the shipyard to the director for approval; direct, supervise and speed up the implement.

Co-operate with Personnel Dept, Design-technology Dept, workshops and Trade-union to disseminate safety policy. Train safety, hygiene, fire-protection, traffic-safety in the shipyard.

Periodically, co-operate with concerned department to measure and check working place if it is under the regulation about clearance, ligh, heat, humidity, dust, magnetic field, vibration, noise and other harmful factor.

Co-operate with the company’s trade-union to direct safety wet-hygienist in workshops; supervise the implement of safety, hygiene, fire-protection, traffic-safety in the shipyard.

Email: hse@haiminhshipyard.com

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