On 26/10/1975, the Ministry of Defence made decision No.141/QĐ-QP declaring 5 coastal areas belonging to Navy, in which “Nha Be naval workshop” belonged to coastal area No.4, since then, date 26/10 become ceremonial day of X51 shipyard.

According to the decision No.283/QĐ-TM dated 17/7/1993, The Naval commander decided to change the name of organizations in the technical bureau, since 20/5/1993, the workshop has called X51.

The decision no.60/QĐ-BQP dated 29/4/2002 issued by the Ministry of Defence changed Haiminh ship repairing enterprise belonging to Navy High Command into Haiminh company.

To execute the decision of the Ministry of Defence, instruction No.1542/CT-CNQP dated 7/4/2009 issued by the General department of industry for defense and plan No.3087/KH-KT-TMk dated 24/3/2009 issued by Navy about changing the company from belonging Navy into belonging the General department with status quo.

According to decision No.1380/QĐ-BQP dated 30/4/2010, the Ministry of defence decided to change the company into Haiminh shipbuilding and repairing one member limited liability company limited.

Hai Minh Shipyard (Military name: X51 Shipyard) was established on 26/10/1975. Under the decision No.1380/QĐ-BQP issued by the Ministry of Defense on 30/4/2010, the company changed into  Hai Minh shipbuilding and repairing one member limited liability company. Our company operates basing on the stable foundation of skilled engineers, bachelors in new building and repairing steel hull vessels, aluminium alloy, wood, composite and non-metal material….

Through 40-year establishment and development, we are proud of creating special marks in shipbuilding industry, with co-operation in large projects and promotion “the Hai Minh Shipyard” trade make to local and foreign partners.

Until now, Hai Minh Shipyard has built complex structural vessels with multi functions and high-technology. Additionally, our shipyard has repaired war ships, navy vessel, sea-police vessels, fishery serveilance vessels… with the displacement up to 2.000 tons; could repair the carry and cruise vessels with the displacement up to 6.500 tons.

Our slogan: “Keep prestige, quality, schedule, reasonable expenditure, satisfy the highest customer’s demand”. Hai Minh Shipyard is always ready to co-operate with owners and partners in shipbuilding, repairing and steel structure fabrication field…. We are looking forward to receiving the caring of the customers in the near future.

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