On 28.02.2020, X51 shipyard, Ba Son Corporation , General department of Industry for Defense carried out the launching ceremony of the transport ship with capacity of 150 tons, design name VDN-150 no.02 owned by The Transport Department/ General Department of Logistics.

Mr. Nghiem Van Huu, senior lieutenant-colonel, deputy manager of ship department/Transport department/ General Department of Logistics attended the ceremony.

VDN-150 is a transport ship, designed by Military ship design Institute/ General department of Industry for Defense, under “the National standards for classification and building steel hull vessel issued by Ministry of Communications and Transport in 2015”

At the ceremony, Mr. Nghiem Van Huu and Mr. Truong Huy Ngu – X51 party committee secretary simultaneously pressed the controlling button to start the launching. After launching, this vessel will be equipped and furnished to deliver to the Owner. The ceremony was carried out very successfully.

News: Le Van Oanh