On 12th November, 2019, X51 shipyard/Ba Son Corporation/ General Department of Industry for Defense launched the vessel 861 of Brigade 161/Naval Region No.3.

Rear-admiral Mr. Do Quoc Viet – Commander of Naval region No.3, representatives of ship-technical management department and Naval registry office, technical head of Region No.3, Chief of brigade 161, Staff of Region No.3 and crew 861 attended the launching ceremony.

Vessel 861 has commission of detecting and disarming mines for protection submarines, vessels and vehicles accessing Naval base or operating on shallow water. This vessel has operated for over 30 years since March, 1987, been repaired many times, and it is the first time for restoring the wooden hull. Most frames and wooden shell has been renewed, the outer of the shell made of composite layers. X51 shipyard now is mastering the technology for building wooden vessel, composite coat, trusted by the Navy and customers. Now, this vessel has finished items on the ground, in good condition for launching and continues to complete items after launching.

After listening the repairing result and testing report, Rear-admiral Mr. Do Quoc Viet, lieutenant-colonel Mr. Mai Quoc Truong – X51 director, representatives of ship-technical management department and Naval registry office pressed the button to issue the launching order of vessel 861. The ceremony finished very successfully.

News: Tran Duc Thanh